JRG - Why Are You Always In My Dreams?

You step out of a sea journey, dripping with a salty intoxication that intoxicates me endlessly. Out you step snatching flashing sunrise lightening. In my dreams you’ve got the charm of a cathedral window and empathy of a out the window jumper. Your a candy blues and I’m the loverboy in the bath dreaming underwater of the impossibility. Fortunately, I’ve got the amnesia that salvages dreams from endings. So on the realm perpetually. Why Are You Always In My Dreams? The longing loverly asks the candy blues phantom lady. “Why Are You Always In My Dreams?” and more by Philadelphian JRG can be found here.

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Guy signing into his Google account on my MacBook.



Yesterday we did a historic thing. We generated 87,834 phone calls to U.S. Representatives in a concerted effort to protect the Internet. Extraordinary. There’s no doubt that we’ve been heard.

So just to keep you updated: The well-intentioned, but immensely flawed “Stop Online Piracy Act” is still in the House Judiciary Committee. The hearing was yesterday and now members will debate and bring amendments to the bill. The Committee will reconvene in a few weeks — the date has yet to be scheduled. Nothing has been brought to a final vote. Everything is still very much in play. We’ll keep you posted on what’s going on and what you can do to help. But for now, we want to thank you.

One encouraging thing we heard yesterday:

I don’t believe this bill has any chance on the House floor. I think it’s way too extreme, it infringes on too many areas that our leadership will know is simply too dangerous to do in its current form.

— Representative Darrell Issa

We also want to express our tremendous gratitude to our friends at Mobile Commons who, on 30 minutes notice, hooked us up with their amazing platform (and provided their expertise) to automatically connect callers with their Representatives.

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There’s no better time to learn about Janus than in January, his very own special little month. As Janus is the Roman god of beginnings, (among other things) it’s fairly apropos to talk about him in the first days of a brand new year (on western calendars).

Besides being the patron of beginnings, (and endings) Janus is the god of transitions, as represented by doors and gates. Big fan of a good door, that Janus. Oh, and he’s also the god of time, and thus the two faces: looking back into the past and forward into the future.

Janus is actually difficult to classify in the Roman Pantheon: he’s one of those everything and nothing types of deities. It’s been debated exactly what he presides over, since things like “time” and “transitions” are nebulous. Is he everywhere, and perhaps all powerful, or is he literally just hiding behind a rock, watching you get out of bed and start your day? Many Roman philosophers saw him as both the spark that caused every beginning, and the shadow that brought about every end.

Janus is certainly one mysterious deity, and was the topic of countless debates in western culture since the days of the old Roman Kingdom.

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Pictured above is an earlier version of the current cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. Richard Turley, the publication’s Creative Director (who is also on Tumblr), explains why his favorite version was scrapped: 

We tried two versions of our planes screwing cover. This was the other option which I really want to show people. I love it - probably more than I love the cover we went for. Love the woman covering her child’s eyes and the people going crazy in the control tower. But we thought (i think rightly) that the simplicity of the clouds cover made for a more direct, impactful cover.

You can also see that we were messing around with the livery on the front of the planes, trying to carve out some mouth shapes.. which didnt really work.

And this was before we added ‘romantic light’ to the scene…

Illustration by Justin Metz

(NB - The idea holds a debt of inspiration to this classic Economist cover)

Fans of plane porn, today is your lucky day.

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